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In connection with divorce, paternity, and child custody (conservatorship) proceedings, non-custodial parents are entitled to seek visitation rights to spend time with their children. Texas law permits parents to negotiate consensual agreements regarding custody and visitation rights if they are able to do so. If they are not, the courts will establish a visitation plan aimed at serving the best interests of the child.

At Helene Parker & Associates, L.L.C., we assist parents in negotiating visitation agreements through private sessions and mediation. When negotiation is not an option, we vigorously represent our clients in court to establish that their desired visitation plans are in the best interests of their children. Finally, when circumstances change, we also represent our clients in seeking modification of existing visitation agreements.

Texas Visitation Agreements

The Texas laws governing visitation (referred to as “access” in Texas) permit parents to enter into an “agreed parenting plan” that grants specified visitation rights to the non-custodial parent. When attempting to negotiate an agreed parenting plan, it is best to be represented by knowledgeable counsel who can help make sure that all relevant issues are addressed, and that you weigh all available options before consenting to a final plan. In many cases, it is also advisable to hire an experienced Texas family law mediator who can help adverse spouses reach common ground.

Even when the parents are able to reach an agreement, their agreed parenting plan must still be submitted to the appropriate court for approval. The court has the option to either adopt the agreed parenting plan in full, or impose alternate provisions depending on what it deems to be in the best interests of the child. Sensitive to the costs and stress involved in dealing with child custody and visitation rights – and having more than a decade of experience handling family law cases in the Texas courts – Lewisville visitation agreement lawyer Helene Parker can help you prepare and present an agreed parenting plan that is likely to be upheld by the court presiding over your case.

Texas Visitation Disputes and Visitation Court Orders

If the parents are not able to enter into a visitation agreement, they will need to submit their dispute to the Texas courts for a judicial determination. As noted above, the Texas courts grant and deny visitation rights based upon what they deem to be in the best interests of the child. At Helene Parker & Associates, L.L.C., our experienced Lewisville visitation lawyers can help you build the strongest possible case for your desired visitation rights by collecting and presenting evidence to establish that your proposed visitation plan is in the best interests of the child.

Modification of Texas Visitation Orders

Like conservatorship (child custody) orders, Texas visitation orders can be modified if warranted by a substantial change in circumstances affecting the best interests of the child. To discuss seeking modification of an existing visitation order, contact us today.

Visitation Rights when Child Support Is Not Paid

Visitation rights are independent of child support obligations. This means that if you fall behind on child support, you are still entitled to visit your children in accordance with the court’s visitation order. Conversely, if your former spouse or companion is not paying child support as required, you must still respect his or her visitation rights until you obtain a modified order. If warranted by the circumstances, we can assist you in obtaining an emergency protective order, a modified child support or visitation order, or an enforcement order to protect your child’s interests and enforce your rights.

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