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Helene Parker & Associates, L.L.C. is a full-service Texas family law firm serving clients in Lewisville, Denton, Flower Mound, and surrounding areas. We have over a decade of experience helping Texas families in the following types of matters:


Adopting a child can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your lifetime. It can also be a stress-inducing emotional rollercoaster if the process is not handled properly. We have helped numerous Texas families through the adoption process, from meeting all the legal requirements, to terminating biological parents’ parental rights, to finalizing all necessary legal documents and providing necessary evidence to the Court for your adoption. We are experienced in Texas and interstate adoptions.

Divorce and Domestic Partnership Dissolution

If you are going through a divorce or domestic partnership dissolution, there are a number of important issues that need your attention. Even when two spouses or domestic partners believe they are in agreement for an amicable split, it is generally in everyone’s best interest for both individuals to hire their own independent Lewisville family lawyer. At the very least, an experienced Lewisville family lawyer can help you make sure that nothing goes overlooked, and ensure that all necessary documentation is properly filed in the appropriate court. In contested divorces and dissolutions, it is crucial to have an experienced and dedicated Lewisville divorce lawyer on your side.

Our Lewisville divorce attorneys also assist clients in military divorces. We have helped service men and women all over the world, and we will work with your schedule to minimize the hardships of dealing with the legalities of your divorce.

If you and your spouse (or domestic partner) wish to resolve your differences out of court, using mediation or collaborative law may be a good option.

Child Custody (Conservatorship), Visitation, and Child Support

Child custody (conservatorship), visitation, and support rights are often contentious issues – and for good reason. Whether in the context of a divorce, domestic partnership dissolution, or non-marital relationship, deciding when each parent gets to spend time with his or her child and how that child is going to be taken care of are serious matters for parents.

Establishing custody, visitation, or support rights requires a formal order from the appropriate Texas court. Violating a court order has serious consequences that can affect both your freedom and your ability to spend time with your child. We can assist you in obtaining an appropriate order, enforcing or modifying an existing order, or protecting your rights in the event of a court order violation.

Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) Cases

If you have been contacted by Texas Child Protective Services (CPS), or if CPS has taken your child, you need an experienced Lewisville family lawyer who can help you restore your family. We can help you tell your side of the story and comply with CPS’s requirements so you can bring your child home as soon as possible. Texas CPS cases are time-sensitive, so you should contact an experienced Lewisville family lawyer today.

Hague Convention Cases for International Child Abduction

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction provides procedures and safeguards to help parents regain custody of children who have been taken across international borders in violation of their custody rights. We are one of the few Lewisville family law firms in Texas that has the experience and knowledge to assist clients in this complicated area of family law which involves not only state district courts, courts overseas, and federal court.  We have the experience and can help you enforce or defend custody rights in international child abduction cases to return or protect your children.

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