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Adoption gives loving families the opportunity to provide a safe and caring permanent home to children living in foster care or whose expecting biological parents reach the decision that they will be unable to provide a fulfilling childhood. The adoption process can also be used to fulfill the intent of surrogacy arrangements, and to keep blood relatives out of foster care in the event that their parents become deceased or for other reasons are no longer able to provide adequate care. Read More

Animal Law

For people who love and respect the rights of animals, almost nothing is more charged than the issue of animal welfare. By bringing pets and animals into our homes and businesses, we take on the responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment in which they can thrive.Read More

Child Custody or Conservatorship Rights over Children

Having to fight for custody of your children is never easy. Whether you are seeking custody for the first time in a divorce or paternity dispute, seeking enhanced custody rights, or seeking to enforce an existing custody order, we understand what you are going through. As experienced Lewisville child custody lawyers, we also understand what it takes to win custody rights and enforce existing custody orders in the Texas courts. Read More

Child Support Modification and Enforcement

If your former spouse or companion is not meeting his or her child support obligations, the proper course of action is to seek enforcement by the appropriate Texas court. You should not deny visitation or interfere with his or her rights of joint conservatorship (child custody). In Texas, child support, visitation, and custody rights are all independent of one another, so your denial of visitation or possession will be a court order violation even if you have not received the child support to which you are entitled.Read More

Collaborative Law

When a marriage has to end but the parties prefer to resolve their property division and child-related issues amicably, Texas law provides a procedure called “collaborative law” that allows them to do so outside of the traditional adversarial process. In a collaborative divorce, the spouses commit to engaging in open, rational, and productive negotiations over a series of private sessions in order to reach agreements relating to property division, child custody, visitation, and support that adequately serve the interests of both individuals and their shared children. Read More

CPS Cases

If you have been contacted by Texas Child Protective Services (CPS), or if CPS has taken your child, you probably feel lost, and you probably have a number of questions racing through your mind. Likewise, if a grandchild, younger sibling, niece, or nephew has been taken into protective custody for good reason, you no doubt feel the need to take action, but may not know where to turn. Read More


Even when both spouses are on the same page, going through a divorce is a stressful and often trying experience. Even agreed divorces require going to court, and often legal issues arise that the parties hadn’t anticipated, necessitating uncomfortable – if not contentious – discussions and decisions. When the spouses are not on the same page as to property division, support, child custody and other key issues, a divorce can result in heavy negotiations, and in many cases full-blown litigation or alternative dispute resolution proceedings. Read More

Domestic Partnership Dissolution

When same-sex couples separate, they face the same issues encountered by married couples going through a divorce. However, since Texas does not yet recognize same-sex marriage, same-sex couples must formalize their separation in a different way. This process, referred to as domestic partnership dissolution, addresses property division and child-related issues just like a divorce, and it can (and should) be used regardless of whether the parties ever entered into a formal domestic partnership agreement. Read More

Family Law

Helene Parker & Associates, L.L.C. is a full-service Texas family law firm serving clients in Lewisville, Denton, Flower Mound, and surrounding areas. We have over a decade of experience helping Texas families in the following types of matters. Read More

Hague Convention-International Child Abduction

Cases involving international child abductions to or from the United States, Mexico, and several other countries worldwide are governed by the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (the “Hague Convention”). If a former spouse or companion has taken your child to another country, or if you brought a child into the United States who is not lawfully in your custody, you need to act quickly and deliberately to maintain your best possible chances for obtaining the safe return and/or permanent custody of your child. Read More


At Helene Parker & Associates, L.L.C., we recognize that most cases involving family law arise out of necessity, not by choice. As a result, when we provide legal representation in family law matters, we tailor our services toward meeting our clients’ needs as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Read More

Military Divorces

Life in the military is not easy. Between the relocations, time spent apart, and the heavy stress military service places on all members of the family on a day-to-day basis, it is no wonder that even strong and loving spouses often find it necessary to go their separate ways. Read More

Paternity-Establishment of Parental Rights

When a child’s paternity is at issue, it is usually because (i) the child’s mother is seeking her rightful entitlement to child support, (ii) a man is seeking to disprove paternity in order to avoid supporting someone else’s child, or (iii) the mother and father are in disagreement over the father’s custody and visitation rights. Regardless of the reason for the dispute, if the parties attempt to go at it alone, what would otherwise be a relatively simple matter can turn into a nightmare of uncertainties, disagreements, and red tape. Read More

Property Division

Along with child custody, visitation, and support rights, property division is one of the primary issues that need to be resolved in order to finalize a divorce. Lewisville property division lawyer Helene Parker has substantial experience as both an advocate and a mediator in Texas property divisions, and she can help you reach a mutually acceptable division to allow you to move on from your divorce. Read More

Termination of Parental Rights

In certain circumstances, it will be in the best interests of the child to terminate the parental rights of one or both biological parents either (i) against their will or (ii) without their express consent. When this is the case, Texas law provides a procedure for appropriate individuals to seek involuntary termination of parental rights. Read More


In connection with divorce, paternity, and child custody (conservatorship) proceedings, non-custodial parents are entitled to seek visitation rights to spend time with their children. Texas law permits parents to negotiate consensual agreements regarding custody and visitation rights if they are able to do so. If they are not, the courts will establish a visitation plan aimed at serving the best interests of the child. Read More